3 Oral Health Resolutions You Should Make This Year

3 Oral Health Resolutions You Should Make This Year It’s the beginning of the new year and everyone is making resolutions to improve their lives. Whether you’re making health, fitness, professional, or romantic resolutions, it important to follow through with your resolutions. While you’re finding ways to improve your life, try adding in some simple oral health resolutions that can improve the aesthetic, function, and health of your smile.

At Owings Mills Dental Care, general dentist Dr. Suman Chibb provides patient-focused, compassionate dental care. Dr. Chibb encourages patients to take charge of their oral health to promote a healthier smile and minimize the chance of developing complex dental problems. We have compiled a few simple oral health resolutions that patients should strive to achieve in the new year for a healthier smile.

Oral Health Resolutions

  • Commit to flossing your teeth every day. We know you have heard it a million times, but flossing can really improve your gum and overall oral health. Healthy gums are essential to a healthy smile. Flossing helps remove plaque and leftover debris from the teeth. Flossing along with a healthy oral hygiene routine can also help minimize your chance of developing gum disease.
  • Schedule routine dental checkups at least twice a year. Your bi-annual dental checkup up allows Dr. Chibb to thoroughly examine your teeth to check for any signs of dysfunction. Patients will receive screenings for complex dental problems and Dr. Chibb will determine if further treatment is needed. A professional dental cleaning is performed by one of our highly trained dental hygienist to remove any plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth.
  • Drink more water. Drinking more water is on most peoples new years resolution list, however, it can also be part of your oral health resolution. Drinking water helps prevent dental issues like dry mouth and it also helps reduce the amount of debris that sticks to your teeth. Water can also be a great source of fluoride intake, which can help strengthen your tooth enamel.

Three short and simple oral health resolutions you can make this year to help improve your smile! At Owings Mills Dental Care, we are committed to helping our patients achieve excellent oral health. If you have any questions about your oral health or you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chibb, you can contact our Owings Mills dental office.