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Is it normal for my gums to bleed when I brush my teeth?

It is not normal for gums to bleed on a regular basis. If your gums bleed daily while you brush or floss, you may be exhibiting signs of advancing gum disease. By the time your gums begin to bleed, the disease-causing bacteria have already started to spread and may compromise your oral health. Consider seeking periodontal therapy treatment options before it’s too late.

What causes gums to bleed?

Gum disease is a bacterial infection. Bacteria multiply and spread forming deep pockets in the gums. As the infection progresses, the bacteria growth causes the gums to become inflamed. The inflamed gums start to swell and pull away from the teeth. Gums become sensitive and may easily bleed when brushing and flossing. Gum disease also makes patients susceptible to gum recession, halitosis, and even tooth loss.

Long-term, periodontal disease will impact the patients overall well being and health. Patients with advanced gum disease are more susceptible to systemic disease. Gum disease leads to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, or strokes.

gum disease progression

Treating Bleeding Gums

Owings Mills Dental Care helps patients avoid developing gum disease through preventive dentistry and encouraging good oral hygiene habits. For patients with advanced gum disease, Dr. Chibb offers periodontal therapy treatment options. Our dental care team recommends patients to visit the dentist at least once every six months, but patients with gum disease may consider visiting more frequently.

Dr. Chibb will visually evaluate the gums for signs of developing gum disease. Early intervention is critical to prevent the advancement of periodontal disease.

Our Owings Mill, MD dentist office offers periodontal therapy options for treating gum disease. A personalized consultation will determine which treatment options will provide optimal results. Dr. Chibb will help patients clean their gums and restore their oral health.

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