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You should never have to hide your smile because of crooked teeth.

Crooked teeth can present oral health and cosmetic dental concerns that could affect your long-term oral health. Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can put you at risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

Your bite pattern can also be affected. Patients of all ages can benefit from treating crooked teeth.

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Crooked Teeth Treatment in Owings Mills

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Our practice is an Owings Mills Invisalign provider, offering discreet treatment for mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Invisalign can comfortably realign crooked teeth improving the health, function, and appearance of your smile. Owings Mills Dental Care offers Invisalign clear braces for teens and adults to treat a range of dental concerns related to crooked teeth.

Invisalign can:

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Realign crooked teeth
  • Correct underbites, overbites or cross-bite
  • Relieve symptoms from tooth overcrowding
  • Boost confidence in your smile

The Invisalign Process

The process can last for as little as 11 months. We will use the clear aligner system to gradually shift teeth to the desired position. It is a dynamic system that works by periodically changing the shape of the aligners.

The first step is a consultation where we will take an impression of the current state of your teeth, and also create a digital representation of the desired result. This impression will be sent to Invisalign to create your first set of aligners.

You will receive a set of clear aligners periodically. Once you have used the first set for a designated time, you will be required to switch to the new set. This allows your teeth to slowly move into position without pain. We will monitor your progress throughout the process to ensure your teeth are shifting correctly.

Your treatment will last for as long as it takes to correct your crooked teeth. Naturally, if you have significant issues, it will take longer. With proper use and oral care, you can expect quick results.

We offer personalized dental consultations to help patients determine if they are the right candidate for Invisalign treatments. For more complex orthodontic concerns that compromise the function of the jaw, your dentist may recommend patients to a reputable local orthodontist.

Other Methods For Straightening Crooked Teeth

If your crooked teeth aren’t causing other problems with your oral health, or you just have one or two crooked teeth, Invisalign may be more than you need. Other methods for straightening your teeth include:

  • Porcelain veneers: Veneers cover the front-facing part of your tooth. They can be used to fill gaps between the teeth or allow you to have a straight, even smile.
  • Dental crowns: Similar to veneers, a dental crown is a cap that goes over the entirety of your tooth. This also improves your bite function and other issues that can come with crooked teeth.
  • Dental bonding: Bonding can perform many of the same actions as veneers. The bonding material is matched to the color of your smile and can be molded to give the appearance of the smile you’re looking for.

The Advantages of Straight Teeth

Having straight teeth is quintessential for a beautiful and healthy smile. Patients with properly aligned teeth enjoy long-term oral health benefits.

  • Straighter teeth are easier to clean
  • Reduce a patient’s risk of tooth decay and even tooth loss
  • Properly aligned bites are more stable
  • Bite pattern functions better with straight teeth

Straightening crooked teeth can also improve a patient’s overall confidence and quality of life. For instance, having a misaligned bite can lead to problems with TMJ disorders. This means you may encounter problems with your jaw function. You may experience pain or tension in your jaw or throughout your face and head.

Headaches may increase, especially in the morning when you wake up. Your jaw may click and you could have trouble opening and closing it.

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Don’t hide your beautiful smile because of crooked teeth. If you are looking for a discreet, comfortable option to realign your crooked teeth, we can help. Contact Owings Mills Dental Care at 410-782-3021 or request an appointment online.

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Crooked Teeth FAQs

What happens if I don’t fix crooked teeth?

Having crooked teeth can impact the rest of your oral health. It’s harder to clean crooked teeth properly, which puts you at a higher risk for tooth decay. You’re also at a higher risk for broken teeth and problems with TMJ disorders because your bite is uneven. The pressure of your bite isn’t dispersed evenly throughout your smile.

Can crooked teeth get worse over time?

Yes, it’s possible. Your teeth are moving and shifting over time, so it’s likely that the crowded teeth or gaps you have now will continue to get worse with time without correction.

Can I straighten my teeth at any age?

Yep! Even when you’re a senior, your teeth can still be straightened. However, if you have severe bite problems, it is easier for those to be corrected when the mouth is still growing and developing as an adolescent.