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Damaged teeth are more than just unsightly. Chipped, cracked, broken, or worn teeth can lead to more complicated oral health concerns. Treating damaged teeth as soon as you notice a change in your oral health can prevent any further damage from occurring. The health of our teeth is essential for long-term success. Preserving your natural teeth can help promote healthy gums, strong jawbone growth, bite stability, and long-term oral health.

Owings Mills Dental Care is a family-focused dentist office providing comprehensive oral health care for patients of all ages. Our dental care team is committed to maintaining our patient’s oral health in a welcoming and modern dental office. Owings Mills Dental Care is a Baltimore, MD dentist office for preventive dental care.

treating damaged teeth in Baltimore County

Repairing Damaged Teeth in Owings Mills, MD

Teeth with even the smallest chips or cracks are more likely to develop tooth decay and root canal infections. Once the enamel of the tooth is compromised, bacteria can spread to the inner pulp of the tooth. Thus creating a painful infection inside the tooth root. Treating a crack or chip can prevent the need for a root canal or tooth extraction.

Our team encourages preventive measures to protect teeth from damage or injury. Owings Mills Dental Care offers sports mouthguards, tooth bonding, and restorative dentistry to prevent and repair damaged teeth. Regular visits to our Owings Mills dentist office for routine dental check-ups can allow your dentist to locate signs of damage in the earliest stages. For a chance at conservative dental treatment, without the need for tooth extraction, get your tooth damage addressed today.

  • Dental Bonding: Chips and cracks can be conservatively and efficiently treated using a procedure called dental bonding. This is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment option. Dental bonding can repair minor blemishes in as little as a single dental visit. Your doctor molds the bonding material to the tooth creating a beautiful, natural aesthetic and sealing out bacteria.
  • Sports Mouthguards: Patients of any age who play sports are susceptible to damaging their teeth. Remember, teeth do not grow back! The natural teeth you have are all you have for life. A custom mouthguard can prevent damage or tooth loss from occurring. Custom-fit mouthguards are comfortable, secure, and protect your teeth from injury. Since they are molded to fit your exact bite pattern and teeth, they are the safest option for your athlete.

    Sports-related injuries are one of the most common causes of damage or tooth loss in children and adolescent patients. 
    Be sure to ask about a custom-fit sports mouthguard for your child. A mouthguard can save you time, and money, preventing the need for advanced restorative dentistry.

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Damaged Teeth FAQs

Can my damaged teeth heal?

If the tooth experiences very minimal damage, it may be possible for the tooth to heal itself. However, once larger chips and cracks form, the tooth won’t be able to heal these. Your dentist can recommend cosmetic and restorative options to give you both look and function back in your smile depending on how severe your case is.

What happens with a chipped tooth?

If a chip is small, it’s possible to use a dental filling or cosmetic bonding to fix the part of the tooth that’s broken off. However, if it’s exposing nerves, it’s also going to be quite painful. Your dentist will likely recommend a bigger restoration to protect this sensitive area.

What happens if I have a broken crown or filling?

This also counts as tooth damage and can be taken care of with further restoration. Your dentist may replace the broken crown or filling, or recommend another restoration that may be better for that specific area.