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Sports Mouthguards An Overview

You only have one set of teeth. Your teeth can not grow back, protect them with a sports mouthguard. 

You always make sure your child is wearing their pads when hitting the football field, but have you thought about protecting their teeth? Sports-related injuries are one of the leading cause of tooth loss. Both children and adult athletes can benefit from wearing a custom designed sports mouthguard during play. Custom mouthguards fit better and offer superior protection in comparison to over the counter “bite-and-fit” options.  Family dentist Dr. Suman Chibb offers custom mouthguards for athletes of all ages. From little league to the pros, all athletes should protect their teeth from damage or loss while playing contact sports.

Advantages of Custom Sports Mouthguards

Over-the-counter mouthguard options tend to fit poorly. Athletes feel frustrated by the bulky device and have difficulty keeping it in place while they are playing sports. Adolescent athletes are prone to removing the device and may not wear it during practice or the game because they feel distracted by the ill-fit device making them susceptible to oral injury. Sports-related injuries can result in serious tooth damage, and even tooth loss requiring advanced restorative dental treatments.

Mouthguards only work if worn properly.

Custom mouthguards are designed to the exact dimensions of the athlete’s smile. Custom fit mouthguards do not require the athlete to bite down on the device to keep it in their mouth. They have been shown to actually improve performance. Athletes are able to concentrate on the game without worry that their mouthguard is going to fall out.

Athletes are less likely to remove the device because they are able to drink and speak normally while wearing the mouthguard. With a well fit mouthguard, your athlete can focus on their performance, and you can feel confident that their teeth are well protected.

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Sports Mouthguards What to Expect

Receiving a sports mouthguard is a quick, comfortable and easy process.

Dr. Chibb will take an impression mold of the patient’s mouth. The molds are then sent to a dental lab for fabrication. The mouthguard will be created according to the specifications of the patient’s mouth ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

The mouthguard will be ready for pickup from our Owings Mill dentist office and ready for use right away.

Your child’s teeth and oral health are an important aspect of their development. A custom sports mouthguard can protect their natural smile from permanent damage. A mouthguard is a cost effective alternative to replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Ask Dr. Chibb about custom mouthguards at your family’s next dental health exam.