Tooth Extraction Owings Mills, MD

Tooth Extraction An Overview

Tooth extractions are only performed in cases where removing the tooth will benefit your long-term oral health. Patients with severely decayed or damaged teeth may benefit from a tooth extraction. A patient who requires a tooth extraction may choose to replace their missing tooth with a dental implant depending on the location of the tooth.

Dr. Suman Chibb always aims to provide the most conservative treatment option to restore health to the teeth and gums. Whenever possible tooth decay will be treated with a dental filling or using dental inlays and onlays. Fillings, inlays and onlays preserve the natural structure of the tooth for a more stable oral foundation.
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Tooth Extraction What to Expect

A tooth extraction is a routine dental procedure that is typically performed in one visit. Patients are made comfortable and may choose to receive a local anesthetic.

The tooth set for removal will be loosened from the gums at the root. The tooth will gently be rocked back and forth until it can be removed. Once the tooth is removed the empty root socket will be sutured shut to prevent potential infection.

Patients typically recover smoothly and without incident in one to two days. If you notice an excessive pain, swelling or bleeding, contact our Owings Mills dentist office immediately. Dr. Chibb will provide patients with thorough post-surgery instructions.