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Dental Inlay & Onlays An Overview

Inlay & onlays are an effective treatment option for advanced tooth decay. Made from high-quality dental resin the inlay or onlay is a long-term solution for preserving the integrity of the tooth and for preventing future decay. General dentist Dr. Suman Chibb always aims to offer the most conservative treatment options possible that will restore oral health and preserve the natural function and health of the teeth.

Tooth decay is a common dental health concern. When left untreated, decay can damage the integrity of the tooth and may result in the need for a tooth extraction. Routine dental checkups can allow for early detection and effective treatment. Inlays and onlays are more conservative than dental crowns but more secure than a traditional dental filling.

Inlay Vs. Onlay

Inlay and onlays both address tooth decay. The inlay and onlay are used in different ways to treat decay affecting varying regions of the tooth.

  • Inlay- Inlays are designed to cover large areas of decay or damage on the surface of the tooth. The inlay material is color matched to the tooth for a seamless result. The inlay fits securely on the tooth sealing shut the decayed region of the tooth and helping to support the tooth structure.
  • Onlay- An onlay is like a partial crown. The onlay is designed to fit snugly in the cusp of a tooth to treat decay in the valleys of the tooth. Onlays are commonly used to treat decay in the molars that can be difficult to treat with a traditional dental filling.

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Dental Inlay & Onlays What to Expect

If advanced tooth decay is detected during a dental health exam, Dr. Chibb will present all possible treatment options to the patient so that they are able to make an informed decision about restoring their oral health. In some cases, an inlay or onlay can allow Dr. Chibb to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible, supporting a more stable bite long term.

Dr. Chibb begins by taking dental impressions of the affected tooth. The impression is used to create an inlay or onlay that will fit securely on the tooth. The material is color matched to the patient’s smile for a seamless result.

Once the restoration is fabricated the patients will have the inlay or onlay permanently bonded to the tooth. A well fit inlay or onlay will be practically invisible to other people. You will be able to enjoy a normal diet without restriction. Schedule an appointment online today.