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How can restorative dentistry fit my needs?

Owings Mills Dental Care provides affordable restorative dental services to patients of all ages in Baltimore County. Restorative dentistry focuses on the function of your bite before anything else. By addressing the concern of missing teeth and restoring gum health with restorative dental procedures, your bite function can be fully restored. From periodontal therapy to dental implants, Our dentist in Owings Mills MD, and dental care team helps patients rebuild healthy smiles in a timely manner without breaking the bank.

Our entire dental care team is committed to providing patients with personalized and comprehensive restorative dental care. We help patients maintain and restore the health of their teeth and gums so they may enjoy years of beautiful, healthy smiles.

We offer conservative dental services to children and adult patients in the Owings Mills area. Whether you are missing one tooth, or are suffering from advanced gum disease, our dentists can help you restore your smile in as little downtime as possible.

restorative dentistry at owings mill dental care

Restore Your Smile

Missing teeth compromise the health and function of your bite and can take a toll on your self-confidence. Replacing missing teeth can make daily tasks more enjoyable giving patients back the freedom to eat a diet without limitation and to smile with confidence. Restorative dentistry can restore your smile and prevent further deterioration of your oral health.

  • Dental Implants- Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically implanted into your jaw. They are used to secure a dental crown, bridge, or denture for the replacement of missing teeth. This restoration is by far the best option for replacing missing teeth.
  • Dental Crown A dental crown can be used to stabilize a tooth after a root canal or to replace a missing tooth in combination with a dental implant. Tooth crowns are versatile when you have one or two damaged teeth.
  • Dental Bridge A dental bridge is used to replace a consecutive row of missing teeth. For instance, if you have three missing teeth that used to be next to each other. A dental bridge can be made as a removable device or secured permanently using dental implants.
  • Dentures A denture replaces a full arch or set of missing teeth. Modern dentures are digitally designed for optimal comfort. They fit securely in the patient’s mouth. Dentures can be removable or secured using dental implants.
  • Periodontal TherapyPeriodontal therapy address the bacterial infection of gum disease. Periodontal therapy treatments clear the gums of disease-causing bacteria and restore oral health preventing further damage to the teeth and gums. Our dentist offers deep oral cleanings called scaling and root planing.

Schedule A Restorative Dentistry Consultation

If you are looking for a restorative family dentist in the Baltimore area, contact Owings Mills Dental Care at 410.697.6290 or request an appointment online. Our dental care team provides compassionate, modern, restorative dentistry in a comfortable dental environment. We welcome new patients from Owings Mills, Pikesville, Reisterstown, Randallstown, Windsor Mill, Woodlawn, and all surrounding Baltimore communities.