Missing Teeth Owings Mills, MD

Are you missing teeth in your smile zone? Are they causing confidence issues that you wish you can fix immediately?

Even one missing tooth can compromise the function and stability of your bite. Missing teeth are both a cosmetic AND functional dental concern. Left untreated, they can lead to a wide range of additional oral health complications, such as tooth cavities, gingivitis, bad breath, crooked teeth, and more. Our doctors specialize in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

replace missing teeth in Owings Mills MD

Our trusted dentists in Owings Mills MD, offers comprehensive dentistry in her welcoming and modern dental practice. Our entire dental care team is dedicated to promoting oral hygiene and routine dental care for the maintenance and care of a patient’s most natural and beautiful smile. We offer personalized treatments for children and adult patients so your whole family can enjoy their optimal oral health.

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

In order to ensure you get the right replacement option for your smile, we consider factors like the number of missing teeth you have and their location in the mouth. Your dentist may recommend a dental implant, denture, or dental bridge as your replacement solution. At Owings Mills Dental Care, we are committed to providing high-quality, personalized dental care to each of our patients. Our doctors take the time to identify any dental issues and provides a solution to improve your smile.

replace missing teeth in Owings Mills MD

Dental Implants: Dental implants can be used to replace a missing tooth or to secure a denture. Dental implants function much like a natural tooth and offer many benefits for patients. A dental implant is one of the most successful and durable tooth replacement options in dentistry. Your dentist will examine your mouth, teeth, gums, and jawbone to determine if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. Our doctors work closely with Dr. Roham Rafat for the placement of dental implants.

Dental bridge: A personalized dental bridge that fits comfortably in your mouth. Dental bridges are used to replace several consecutive missing teeth. Dental bridges can be removable or fixed into place using dental implants.

Dentures and partial dentures: A tooth replacement option for patients who are missing multiple bottom or top teeth. Dentures can be used to replace either the bottom or top arch of teeth. Dentures can be fixed into place using dental implants.

All dentures and bridges are made from high-quality dental materials that look and feel like natural teeth. Dental restorations are custom fit to the patient’s specifications for a secure and comfortable fit.

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If you are missing a tooth and are looking for a replacement option, contact Owings Mills Dental Care at 410-782-3021 or request an appointment online. Our dental care team provides compassionate, modern, preventative dentistry in a comfortable environment. We welcome new patients from Owings Mills, Pikesville, Reisterstown, Randallstown, Windsor Mill, Woodlawn, surrounding Baltimore communities.

Missing Teeth FAQs

What happens if I don’t replace a missing tooth?

Even if it’s just one, it can seriously compromise the appearance and function of your smile. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone deteriorates, causing the appearance of a sagging face. The teeth around the empty socket will move and shift to try and fill the hole, leading to a crooked smile. Your bite will also be off-balance, which can lead to issues with TMJ disorders or teeth that are more prone to breakage because the pressure of your bite is being dispersed unevenly.

What’s the best way to replace a missing tooth?

The gold standard of tooth replacement is the dental implant. This is because it’s the only tooth replacement option that replaces the tooth root as well as the crown. Replacing the tooth root prevents your jawbone from deteriorating further while giving you back the full functionality of your bite.

Does missing a tooth impact my face?

Yes, you can appear older than you are when you’re missing a tooth. This is due to facial sagging after losing the tooth root. Depending on where the missing tooth is located, it can also make it hard for you to feel comfortable smiling or laughing in public.