Why Do My Gums Bleed?

Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

It is not normal for gums to bleed on a regular basis. If your gums bleed daily while you brush or floss, you may be exhibiting signs of advancing gum disease. By the time your gums begin to bleed, the disease-causing bacteria have already started to spread and may compromise your oral health.

Ways To Prevent Gum Disease

While regular dental exams are necessary to remove tartar and detect early signs of gum disease, oral health begins at home by properly caring for your teeth and gums. Here are some tips you can take to prevent gum disease and keep your teeth looking young a fresh for a lifetime;

  • Brush your teeth for at least two minutes, at least twice a day, make sure to use a fluoride-based toothpaste. Also, make sure to brush along your gum line and on your tongue.
  • Floss daily to remove plaque from places your toothbrush can’t reach. Don’t like to floss? Try a floss holder, which can make it easier to insert floss between teeth.
  • Mouthwash is a great tool for getting what was missing during the brushing and flossing process.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Starchy and sugary foods increase plaque and only a healthy diet provide the nutrients necessary (vitamins A and C, in particular) to prevent gum disease.
  • Avoid any and all tobacco products, which may contribute to gum disease and oral cancer. Not to mention tobacco products will stain your teeth heavily.
  • Be aware that certain medications can also aggravate gum disease, including oral contraceptives, antidepressants, and heart medicines. Be Sure to check with Dr. Chibb on which medications can affect your oral health.
  • Exercise preventive care and schedule regular checkups — the surest way to detect early signs of periodontal disease. We recommend vi
  • Have your dentist correct problems, such as faulty fillings, crowded teeth or teeth-grinding.

How Do I Treat Gum Disease?

Dr. Chibb will visually evaluate the gums for signs of developing gum disease. Early intervention is critical to prevent the advancement of periodontal disease.

Our Owings Mill, MD dentist office offers periodontal therapy options for treating gum disease. A personalized consultation will determine which treatment options will provide optimal results. Dr. Chibb will help patients clean their gums and restore their oral health.

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