Teeth Grinding Treatments

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is an often unconscious behavior in which the jaw clenches and the top and bottom teeth grate against each other. The pressure from this action can damage the teeth, gums, and jaw. Some patients can develop headaches, earaches, and difficulty chewing when this behavior leads to temporomandibular joint disorders often referred to as TMJ. Your dentist can manage this behavior and treat the resulting symptoms. Dentists at Owings Mills Dental Care in Owings Mills, MD describe dental approaches to treating teeth grinding.teeth grinding dentist owings mills md

Stress relief

Stress can be a common cause for patients grinding or clenching their teeth. For this reason, many dentists recommend stress relief activities or guidelines to reduce this behavior. Your dentist may suggest exercise or breathing techniques. For patients with TMJ, your dentist may recommend other lifestyle changes. Eating softer food, for instance, can ease soreness caused by teeth grinding or TMJ. Schedule an appointment with your dental professional for additional advice for anxiety management in relation to teeth grinding habits.


Teeth grinding often occurs when a patient is asleep, so protecting teeth during this period is crucial. Your dentist can provide a customized mouthguard for you to wear overnight. The oral appliance is made to fit your unique mouth, so you can sleep with ease without worrying about slippage during the night. The comfort of the guard ensures your sleep will not be disrupted, but your teeth will remain protected from the pressure of grinding.

Restorative dentistry

Grinding can damage your teeth if the behavior continues. If your teeth break or crack, you may require restorative dental solutions. Your dentist can work with you to find a restorative and cosmetic plan to suit your specific needs. Tooth bonding can use a resin to fill cracks in teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile after damage.

More severe tooth repair may require a dental crown. A ceramic cap will be bonded to your broken, chipped, or cracked tooth to protect the tooth from further damage and improve your smile’s aesthetic. A dental crown is a permanent restorative solution, but continued grinding and clenching of teeth may reduce the durability of your crown. Contact your dentist for further advice on restorative dentistry and teeth grinding behavior.

Treat teeth grinding and more in Owings Mills, MD

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