Dental Crown Q&A

Do you have worn teeth? Are stained and injured teeth impacting your smile? Dr. Suman Chibb offers dental crown treatment to patients in Owings Mills, MD. Dental crowns are durable yet natural-looking dental restorations that can cover areas of tooth damage or even discoloration. Dr. Chibb helps patients restore the aesthetics and function of their smiles. She can also schedule dental crown treatment for patients who are receiving a dental implant or other dental prosthetics.

Dental Crowns in Owings Mills, Maryland

Dental Crown FAQs

Many patients may have these common questions about dental crowns, including:

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Dental crowns may be used to:

  • Hold fractured and cracked teeth together
  • Protect teeth following a root canal
  • Cap off dental implants
  • Brighten deeply stained teeth
  • Rebalance a bite

Because tooth crowns are made of a porcelain ceramic material, they can blend in with the appearance of the natural smile. We customize dental crowns to match your desired shape and shade.

Can I whiten my dental crown?

No, patients cannot whiten dental crowns. Crowns and other cosmetic restorations made of porcelain ceramic materials do not respond to teeth whitening treatment. However, tooth crowns can be used to cover stained and discolored teeth. If you have an old dental crown that has become discolored over time, please let us know. We can provide you with a new tooth crown.

Is the dental crown procedure painful?

No, we ensure that patients feel comfortable during the dental crown procedure. We use a local anesthetic that is applied to the treated area. After the tooth crown is in place, patients may feel mild sensitivity and discomfort. However, if patients follow a soft diet immediately after their procedure, they will soon be able to comfortably bite and chew with their crown.

Restore Your Smile Today

Are you interested in treatment with dental crowns? Schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Chibb online today. New patients may call 410-314-9546. Current patients can contact our office at 410-526-5177. Please let Dr. Chibb know if you have any current dental concerns or further questions about dental crown treatment. She will be glad to help you.