What Are the Signs of Tooth Decay?

Do you have chronic toothaches or dental pain? Are your painful dental symptoms making everyday life uncomfortable? You may have early signs of tooth decay. Although the majority of bacteria in the mouth help your oral health, harmful bacteria can cause tooth decay and cavities. Our office treats patients with symptoms of tooth decay in our Owings Mills, MD dental office. Below you can discover common symptoms of decay as well as how we address decay in our office.

tooth decay in Owings Mills, MD

Signs of Tooth Decay in Owings Mills, MD

The most common symptoms of dental infections include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Holes or pits in the enamel
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Bad breath (halitosis)

Call our office if you notice any of these symptoms and we will help find the right care for your smile. If you notice changes in the comfort or appearance of your teeth or gums, schedule a dental appointment. We will find the cause of your symptoms, whether it’s tooth decay or another oral health problem.

How to Treat Early Signs of Decay and Cavities

At regular dental visits, we offer thorough dental cleanings to minimize bacteria. We can also perform scaling and root planing, treatments that clean the teeth, gums, and tooth roots. Scaling treatment removes bacteria from the teeth and gums. Root planing smooths the tooth roots and also helps prevent gum infections.

We offer root canal treatment and dental fillings for patients with cavities. During root canal treatment, we remove the infected pulp from within the tooth chamber. The dental pulp is made up of nerves, cells, and blood vessels within the tooth. Removing the pulp can save the tooth structure and prevent extraction.

After we remove the pulp, we clean the tooth and secure the tooth with a dental filling. We will also provide dental crowns as needed to stabilize the tooth following a dental filling. Fillings and crowns seal out future decay and help create a more stable bite. Patients with severe tooth decay may require extractions and dental implant treatment. We work with patients to determine if we can save their natural teeth. If not, implants offer permanent restorations for one or more missing teeth.

Do you think you may have a dental infection? Call Owings Mills Dental Care at 410-782-3021. You can also schedule a dental appointment with our dental team on our website. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you have about your dental care.